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Emaar Farms Technik is an affiliated concern of Chemtron Science Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.(established in 1992), an ISO 9001: 2000 BSI company, which focuses on Agricultural technology segment. Owing to its affiliation with Chemtron Science Laboratories (CSL), it inherits high tech Agri R&D lab and manufacturing facility in 3 distinct verticals i.e. Engineering, Refrigeration, and Electronics.

Driven relentlessly by The Managing Director, Dr. O.P. Srivastava (PhD. University of Wales U.K.) Chemtron Science Laboratories (CSL) and Emaar Farm Technik (EFT) are committed to develop indigenous, cheap and serviceable technology in much needed agricultural segment.

This drive, skills and experienced staff in engineering, chemistry and agriculture background are used to develop and manufacture around 10 products in agriculture and relate segments.

Our Vision

"To grow as market leader by constantly innovating cost effective technologies to Agricultural segment and commercialize it through wider distribution network & To get regarded as customer friendly and customer connected company through excellent after sales service and support"

Our Mission

“Bring cost effective and affordable innovation and technology in much needed Agriculture segment & to train farmers adopting the advanced yet simpler method to boost their productivity and cut losses."

Quality Policy

Our policy is to translate customer needs into easier to operate and long lasting technologies through quality products at affordable prices. We practice rigorous quality checks and all products are supplied with the quality certificate. Raw material procured from other origins is always from reputed suppliers who can assure and stand by quality of the goods that they supply to us.

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Dharward, Krishi mela, Sep, 2012

University of Agriculture & Science Dharward had Organized Dharward Krishi Mela in Sep-2012, this event was hosted with the aim of working on Drought which is face by many district of Karnatak & to address this issue, the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad has been engaged in developing technologies for draught mitigating and developing varieties tolerant to draught. Honorary State Minister was the Chief Guest of The Event. Emaar Farm Technik with its alternative Solution against the availability of Green Fodder was present at the event. Honorary Minister of The state was driven by the Fodder Machine Technology & was keen on knowing more & more about the Machine & he himself inaugurated the Machine at the Event.

International Exhibition, Conference & Live Animal Display 1st - 3rd Feb 2014

It is the biggest Dairy exhibition of South India.This event brings the entire south India together to one platform to discuss the current scenario of Dairy industry. Common problems and their solutions are discussed at this event. Various Technology where showcase at the Event to cater the problems of Dairy industry. Even Emaar farm Technik was present at the event to showcase the solution of fodder Problem which today is face by most of the cattle owners.

GPDFA 17th - 19th Jan 2014

Gujarat Progressive Dairy Farmer Association Every Year Held’s GPDFA Event in Anand Gujarat. The Core Idea behind this event was to bring the Latest Technology & Development in Agriculture & Dairy industry to the farmers of Gujarat at one center point, This Event Exhibits all the Development in Agriculture & Dairy Field to the Farmers of Gujarat. Emaar Farm Technik with its Alternate Solution for Shortage of Green Fodder was also present at the Event & Showcased its Product at the Event.

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1. Sanjay Shrivastav Bhopal

Cattle Health has improved. Removed my biggest headache of green fodder availability (Sanjay Shrivastav Bhopal) Hard Working, Energetic & Progressive Farmer who has his own Dairy with more than 90 Cows.

2. Uttam Machale Inamgao Pune

My expenses on Fodder Have reduced and Milk output has increases by 12% (Uttam Machale Inamgao Pune). He is member of Dynamix Dairy. He started his Farm with 5 Cow & today has more than 40 Cattles at his farm

3. Bhagyashree Reddy Bangalore

Milk Output increased by 5Ltr/day in Cows. Doctor has not visited my farm in last 3 Months. (Bhagyashree Reddy Bangalore) Leader in the Poha Industry with the Brand name of Bhagyashree Poha Industry Has a farm with around 35 Cows, Keen interest in Cattle & their health is the reason which made him go for the Hydroponic Green Fodder Machine.

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EFT GauChar is an affordable, efficient system, developed after years of research, used for growing fodder/green feed in a soil free yet nutritional environment which is free from insects, bacteria, fungal growth. Such an environment consequently results in high quality, protein and fiber rich fodder. Hence, when such fodder is fed to the cattle, their milk productions goes up and body weight increases. Fodder produced from the unit is very cheap and replaces Concentrate feed (remains of Dal, wheat, oil cake etc ) by half the quantity.


Any cattle farmer, dairy owner, cooperative units, dairy associations, agricultural colleges (KVK), Agricultural universities, research institutes, government bodies who are working for the welfare of animal husbandry, companies associated with milk or milk related products (meat etc).


India has around 20 Crore cattle and there is a 35% shortage of green fodder, resulting into less production of milk and milk related products like meat, eggs, cheese etc. Demand for milk will grow to 15 Cr. Liters by 2020 while the supply will not be able to grow until some innovation or new technologies are introduced to this. 25% of India’s Agricultural GDP is contributed by milk and milk related products. Average Indian spends 15% of his monthly grocery spends in Milk or related products. This sector employs India’s 8% labor force.


No pesticides, no fungicides, grown only in Water, Completely natural.

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